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Risky Business

Life is an inherently risky business. From the moment we are born (itself a vey risky process) until the moment we die we are subject to constantly varying degrees of risk in everything we do. Of course, for much of … Continue reading

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Sweet and Sour

Continental Europe does not share the same democratic tradition as the United Kingdom. At a general election in England, not only is it possible to vote out a government but also to vote out an individual, no matter how high … Continue reading

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Public Enemies

Not at first sight the most exciting of topics – although its inability to excite belies its potential importance – public procurement was the topic of a seminar at the British embassy in Warsaw this morning. Representatives from the International … Continue reading

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City Hall

In the World Bank’s ranking of countries for ease of doing business for 2013 Poland is the best improver leaping 19 places to 54th position (although it is still behind Hungary, Slovakia, Kazakhstan and Georgia, for example). What does this … Continue reading

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The Crisis

Last evening I attended a meeting of the Oxbridge Society of Poland at which the guest speaker was Andrzej Klesyk the chief executive officer of PZU the leading insurance company, and one of the largest financial institutions, in Poland. In … Continue reading

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