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Defence of the Realm

There can (or should) be no task more vital for any government than the defence of the country (or realm for those countries fortunate enough to have a monarchy). And yet, despite the lessons of history and the evidence that … Continue reading

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The Party

Most of us enjoy a good party. Indeed, I was fortunate enough yesterday to have attended the garden party given, as he does each year, by the British ambassador to celebrate the official birthday of H.M. Queen Elizabeth. The flag … Continue reading

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Things to Come

Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it. So wrote Edmund Burke. And even if they do know history there is no guarantee that they won’t be caught out by Mark Twain’s dictum that history does not repeat … Continue reading

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I Dreamed of Africa

Hitherto, in my imagination at least, the only link between Poland and Africa was Joseph Conrad’s story Heart of Darkness or the somewhat more controversial writings of Ryszard Kapuscinski. Despite his being generally lauded as an author, I find Conrad’s … Continue reading

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