Nicholas Richardson


My aim is to help folk to make sense of doing business in Poland. You may be trying to decide whether to come to Poland at all, what form your investment in Poland should take, how to deal with issues arising in the business you already have or how best to exit your investment and in each case I am happy to have a chat. I understand that it is often helpful to talk through ideas before committing yourself and I am always happy to offer the benefit of my experience in this way – please get in touch.

Once you have taken the plunge, I’d be happy to provide legal assistance through my law firm Richardson & Wspolnicy, based in Warsaw, Poland. We offer a wide range legal services to help business and have extensive experience of the issues you are most likely grappling with. More importantly, we do appreciate that you have something more important to do with your time than dealing with lawyers so we make the experience as painless as possible – and that includes the bill. We are always happy to have an initial chat about your plans to see how we might help you. There is much more information about us on our web page, so please visit to find out more.